HM1400 Half mask respirator from Corpro Systems
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Half Mask

Introducing the HM 1400 Half Mask. Protective, comfortable and lightweight, our Half Mask is available in 3 sizes, with a full range of spares and accessories.‍‍‍‍‍‍

Close up of the HM1400 half mask respirator, showing the front of the mask including the filters.
Straight on view of the HM1400 half mask respirator.

Engineered for Performance

Performance is everything. Our HM 1400’s low resistance airflow system makes breathing easy, while its swept back filter position and lightweight construction combines into a low burden, highly optimised Half Mask.

Better design, better protection.

Side view of the HM1400 half mask, demonstrating the application of the mask.

Designed for Comfort

Using anthropometric design and strategic material selection, we've built comfort into the design of our HM 1400 Half Mask. Our elastomeric oronasal is combined with three sizes of fit profile to create a secure, comfortable fit over extended usages.

Better fit, better protection.

Diagram of the HM1400 half mask head band when fitted.
Detail image showing the area protected by the HM1400 half face mask PPE.

Alternative view of the HM1400 half mask, highlighing the filters.

Ultra Low Breathing Resistance

Demonstation of the intake and exhaust flow of air through the HM1400 half mask.

The breathing resistance of users' equipment can affect their performance and comfort. We've designed our Half Mask with a low burden airflow system, twin inhale valves and low pressure drop filters, to a create a system with ultra low breathing resistance.

Breathe easily, without compromising protection.

Increased Versatility

For our masks, functionality is essential. Our Half Mask features a dual mode harness; users can doff their mask without removing other PPE. Within the body of the HM 1400, we've built in a harness locking system, so users can retain the fit of their Half Mask from wear to wear.

Better design, better comfort.

Demonstration of the half mask in doff mode with filters and exhaust removed enableing all other PPE to be left in place.
Demonstration of the compatability between the Corpro face mask and other PPE equipment.

Fully Compatible

Our focus is on protection; for our Half Mask, this means integration with other types of PPE. By creating a low profile elastomeric head cradle and lo‍‍‍w profile oronasal, the HM 1400 integrates seamlessly with other types of PPE.

Better design, better protection‍, better comfort.

E‍‍‍asily Maintained

With easy access to parts for pre-donning checks and part‍‍‍ replacement, we've built design for maintenance into the DNA of our respirators.

Better design, longer lasting protection.

Easily complete checks and maintenance with the HM1400 thanks to the overall design.

Complete Your System

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