Close up of the half mask air filter.
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Filter Range

Introducing the F 1100 Filter Range. Our Filters are available in nine different industrial combinations, with ultra-low breathing resistance, optimised capacity and patented connect‍‍‍ion technology.

Detailed view of the Corpro air filter system.

Secure Fit, Any Rotation

Our Filters have been designed around ease of use. Our patented 'Easy-On' filter mechanism helps users to securely mount filters onto their masks from any orientation with ease.

Better by design.

High Protection, Low R‍‍‍esistance

With a minimised pressure drop across filter media and optimised flow geometry, our F1100 filter range offers an ultra-low breathing resistance, without compromising protection.

Performance and comfort at their core.

F 1100 Filter Range

Our F 1100 range includes a full industrial range of filter types, covering particulate, gas and combination filter protection, interchangeable across our range of masks.

Corpro Filter array Corpro System air filter range chart.

Fit Check with Confidence

Along with their performance, we've built confidence into the design of our filters. When covered, our filters allow negative fit checks to be performed by users before entering hazardous environments.

Better fit, better pro‍‍‍tection.

Close up of the Corpro Systems F1100 air filter suitable for all Corpro respirators.

High Capacity

Lightweight design, high capacity filter media and low pressure drop respiration, our filters give complete protection with optimal longevity.

Better design, better protection.

Know Your Mask

Complete Your‍‍‍ S‍‍‍ystem