Full Face Mask

The FFM1600 Full Face Mask. Protective, comfortable and lightweight, our Full Face Mask is‍‍‍ available in 3 sizes, with a full range of filters, spares and accessories.

Comfortable to Wear

Our FFM1600 combines a five-point head harness with independent seals and an optimised centre of gravity. Along with the system's ultra-low breathing resistance, wearers stay comfortable for longer.

Better design, better comfort.

A Better Fit

With three sizes which fit over 95% of the population according to global facial anthropometric data, our Full Face Mask can provide an unrivalled, secure fit.

Better fit, better performance.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Incredible Ease-of-Breathing

The breathing resistance of respiratory equipment can affect performance and comfort. ‍‍‍We've designed our Full Face Mask with a low burden airflow system, twin inhale valves and low pressure-drop filters, creating a system with ultra low breathing resistance.

Breathe easily, stay protected for longer.

Impact Resistant

Our impact resistant polycarbonate visor is tested to withstand a 6mm steel ball bearing, fired at over 700 km/h, protecting users from projectile debris.

Better design, better protection.

Easily Maintained

With easy access to parts for pre-donning checks and fully replaceable parts, the FFM1600 is incredibly easy to maintain.

Longer-lasting protection.

Unobstructed Vision

Our panoramic visor and swept-back filter position create an optimised field of view.

Stay protected, without compromising awareness.