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Bayonet Connectors Suitable for Connecting Filter Cartridges to Respirators

Patent Protected by AU Patent 2014358910; CA Patent 2,931,782; CN Patent 201480066145.X; DE Patent No. 60 2014 010 163.1; ES Patent No. 3077062; FR Patent No. 3077062; GB Patent No. 3077062; IT Patent No. 3077062; NL Patent No. 3077062; and SE Patent No. 3077062


Patent Protected by AU Patent 2014358911; DE Patent No. 60 2014 056 425.9; ES Patent No. 3077063; FR Patent No. 3077063; GB Patent No. 3077063; IT Patent No. 3077063; NL Patent No. 3077063; and SE Patent No. 3077063

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