New Medical Products Available

The Corpro range of reusable half masks, full face masks and filters have received widespread acceptance by medical staff and clinicians for their exceptional levels of comfort and protection.

However, during the continuing struggle of the COVID-19 pandemic, frontline medical professionals in particular need more than a tight-fitting respirator to ensure both themselves and their patients are fully protected.

That is why we have introduced the new Corpro Barrier product range and Corpro portable storage containers.

Recent guidance from Public Health England states that healthcare professionals should not wear valved respirators in sterile areas or when undertaking sterile procedures, as the air exhaled by the wearer is unfiltered. The Corpro Barrier product range, designed for the HM1400 half mask, can provide a solution following this new advice and takes the already highly protective Corpro half mask respirator to the next level.

The Corpro Spray Barrier:

  • Protects eyes and face from most aerosols and droplets

  • Prevents contact between the hands and face

  • Provides a layer of protection over the exhale valve, reducing COVID-19 risk to others

  • Simply attaches onto the Corpro HM1400 half mask and F1100 range P3 R filter pair

  • Can be easily cleaned using a variety of methods

The Corpro Exhale Barrier:

  • Filters wearer’s exhaled breath, significantly reducing COVID-19 risk to others

  • Is made of a lightweight PTFE material which is 98%* efficient

  • Is highly hydrophobic, resistant to high temperatures and has a high tensile strength

  • Is disposable

  • Can be securely lodged onto the Corpro HM1400 half mask

Instructional videos showing how to attach the Spray and Exhale Barriers to the Corpro HM1400 are available here: 

A video showing the Exhale Barrier’s efficiency is available here: 

In addition, we have received feedback from healthcare workers that they would value a sturdy, easily decontaminated and portable storage container for their Corpro respirators.

The storage containers for both the Corpro FFM1600 Full Face Mask and the Corpro HM1400 Half Mask are made of a plastic material that is robust, lightweight, recyclable and easy to clean. This means our wearers can ensure their respirators and filters can be moved around with ease, are protected from damage during transit and can be placed in a sterile** environment when not in use. The Corpro FFM1600 container could also be used for storing your Corpro HM1400 half mask along with the Spray and Exhale barriers.

For further details and information on the new Corpro products, please contact us on +44 (0) 1942 597 267 or email us at

* Above 0.3 microns measured at 5.33cms⁻¹ and exhaled air at >99% efficiency.

** When containers are decontaminated according to procedures outlined by the appropriate hospital Infection Control Department. Sterilise containers before first use.