Assured Respiratory Protection for Healthcare workers

Disposable masks, such as N95 respirators, are commonly worn in response to outbreaks such as the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Although designed to protect individuals from 95% of contaminates, they only work if they fit properly. Corpro are able to provide exceptional levels of respiratory protection for healthcare workers in such instances.

The Corpro 1600 Full Face Mask and the Corpro 1400 Half Mask has a filtration system that filters over 99.99% of airborne contaminates and has a viral filtration efficiency (VFE) greater than 99.999%. These products can also be combined with a world-first fit check system that displays whether masks are fitted securely, and therefore without any breach in the seal, during use.

Knowing that you have a high-quality and correctly fitted mask that will prevent ingress of harmful airborne substances, including the Coronavirus (COVID-19), will provide enhanced safety and assurance for healthcare professionals.

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