Corpro Systems - Half Face Mask Respirator background image

Full Face Mask

The FFM1600 Full Face Mask. Protective, comfortable and lightweight, our Full Face Mask is‍‍‍ available in 3 sizes, with a full range of filters, spares and accessories.

Corpro Systems - Full Face Respirator, the ideal solution for PPE full face protection including eyes and breathing.
Side on view of the FFN1600 full face mask.

Comfortable to Wear

Our FFM1600 combines a five-point head harness with independent seals and an optimised centre of gravity. Along with the system's ultra-low breathing resistance, wearers stay comfortable for longer.

Better design, better comfort.

Diagram showing the application of the Corpro Systems FFM1600 on an IsoHead.

A Better Fit

With three sizes which fit over 95% of the population according to global facial anthropometric data, our Full Face Mask can provide an unrivalled, secure fit.

Better fit, better performance.

Diagram outlining the two different areas of protection from the Corpro FFM1600 including the air respiration highlighted in yellow and the overall face protection highlighted in grey.
Diagram showing the application of the Corpro Systesm Full face mask strap system.
Straight on view of the Corpro Systems FFM1600.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Incredible Ease-of-Breathing

Diagram of the flow of air through the Full Face Mask respirator from Corpro Systems.

The breathing resistance of respiratory equipment can affect performance and comfort. ‍‍‍We've designed our Full Face Mask with a low burden airflow system, twin inhale valves and low pressure-drop filters, creating a system with ultra low breathing resistance.

Breathe easily, stay protected for longer.

Impact Resistant

Our impact resistant polycarbonate visor is tested to withstand a 6mm steel ball bearing, fired at over 700 km/h, protecting users from projectile debris.

Better design, better protection.

Side view of the polycarbonate visor protecting users from projectile debris.
Exploded view of the full face mask, highlighted the ease of assembly for repair and maintenance.

Easily Maintained

With easy access to parts for pre-donning checks and fully replaceable parts, the FFM1600 is incredibly easy to maintain.

Longer-lasting protection.

Unobstructed Vision

Our panoramic visor and swept-back filter position create an optimised field of view.

Stay protected, without compromising awareness.

Showing the panoramic visor from above.

Accompanying Filters

Mask Training