Corpro Medical Accessories - Barrier range and containers

Medical Accessories

Accessories designed to provide extra protection for both mask wearers and patients in medical environments.

Exhale Barrier

Part of the Barrier range.

- Filters exhaled breath
- Made from a lightweight PTFE material which is 98% efficientᵃ
- Highly hydrophobic, resistant to high temperatures and has a high tensile strength
- Simple attachment to the Corpro HM1400 Half Mask
- Disposable

Protect your patients.

Corpro Exhale Barrier
Corpro Spray Barrier

Spray Barrier

Part of the Barrier range.

- Protects eyes and face from most droplets and aerosols
- Prevents contact between the hands and face
- Provides a layer of protection over the exhale valve
- Simple attachment to the Corpro HM1400 Half Mask and F1100 range P3 R filter pair
- Can be easily cleaned using a variety of methods

Tech Spec CE 2797, Technical Specification for Healthcare Professionals Commission document 2020/403 Eye and Face Protectionᵇ.

Barrier Range Training

Corpro Storage Containers

Storage Containers

Made of a plastic material that is robust, lightweight, recyclable and easy to clean. This means our wearers can ensure their RPE can be moved around with ease, are protected from damage during transit and can be placed in a sterileᶜ environment when not in use.

Available in a smaller size (perfect for the HM1400 half mask) and a larger size (ideal for either the FFM1600 full face mask or the Corpro MediPak).


Corpro MediPak

The Corpro MediPak: A portable storage container, holding the HM1400 Half Mask, a Spray Barrier, 5 x Exhale Barriers and 4 x 70% IPA wipes.

Our Half Mask

Resources and Information

ᵃ Above 0.3 microns measured at 5.33cms⁻¹ and exhaled air at >99% efficieny.
ᵇ NB2797, BSI Group The Netherlands, B.V, Say Building, John M Keynesplein 9, 1066 EP, Amsterdam, Netherlands. FYI: This protective face shield is manufactured for COVID-19 protection only. This protective face shield is not a PPE device for general use and shall not be used for purposes other than protection against COVID-19. Made in the UK (WA11 9TW, +44 (0) 1942 597267).
ᶜ When containers are decontaminated according to procedures outlined by the appropriate hospital Infection Control Department. Sterilise containers before first use.